At Hoop Shots, the quality of the printed photos we sell is as important to us as the quality of the images we take. That’s why we don’t use overseas or automated printing/processing services like many other photography sites.

When you purchase an image from our online portfolio, we personally oversee the printing of your photo to ensure the photo you buy meets our own high standards.

Photo use/conditions of sale
All photo sales through our online portfolio or otherwise are considered to be for personal use only. Please read our terms and conditions before making a photo purchase. To purchase an image for commercial use, please contact us for pricing, terms and conditions.

Purchasing options
Our portfolio allows you to browse through our images and securely purchase photo prints in full frame sizes (6×4, 7.5×5, 6×9 and 8×12) with your choice of glossy or matte photo paper.
Alternatively, photos can be purchased by contacting us to arrange a bank transfer or an in person payment and pick up of your images.

Photo sizes

The photo print sizes we offer are full frame prints 6×4, 7.5×5, 6×9 and 8×12), so what you see online is what your printed photo will look like. We can print photos at any size you require, so if there is a particular print size you’re after, simply contact us with your request.

It’s important to note that many common photo sizes – 5×7, 6×8 and 8×10 – are not full frame. This means that the images need to either be cropped to fit the paper size or, if printed to scale, either the length of width of the images will have some white space.